Our property management services begin the moment that you walk in the door. We have what it takes to pair your property up with the best possible tenant to help take all of your cares away as quickly as possible. We will begin our services by advertising your property on all of the relevant real estate websites in your area. We'll cast the widest possible net so that you have the largest number of top quality tenants to choose from for your investment property. When we begin fielding tenant applicants, we'll also handle the screening and placement process. At TLSquared, we also handle services like lease preparation, lease signing, security deposit collection, rent collection and more.

Our services don't end the moment that we place a tenant into your property. We understand that property management is something of a stressful endeavor, even on the best of days. If a tenant calls you and tells you that their kitchen sink is leaking at 2:00 AM, it can be an incredible hassle to need to drive to the property to fix it - especially if you don't live anywhere near where the investment property happens to be located. That's why TLSquared will handle property maintenance on your behalf with our top quality team of talented and passionate professionals.

We'll also handle other routine aspects of property management so that you don't have to, which include but are not limited to lease renewals, the moving in and moving out procedures, evictions, other legal proceedings and more.